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SAC Meeting December 14, 2007

The following meeting is open to the public. FVIndiana encourages its member to attend and give comment. Comments can also be submitted via email at . AGENDA INDIANA STATE ADVISORY COUNCIL ON THE EDUCATION OF CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES December 14, 2007 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM Carmel Educational Service Center 5201 E. 131 Street, Carmel, IN 46033 • Welcome • Minutes from November 30, 2007 • Article 7 Revisions Comments from Public • Article 7 Revisions - Bob Marra - Nina Brahm Discussion RULE 36 GENERAL ADMINISTRATION OF PROGRAMS 511 IAC 7-36-2 Special education program personnel 511 IAC 7-36-6 Facilities RULE 37 PROCEDURAL SAFEGUARDS 511 IAC 7-37-1 Notice of procedural safeguards 511 IAC 7-37-2 Notice by electronic mail RULE 40 IDENTIFICATION AND EVALUATION 511 IAC 7-40-2 Integrated and focused system to support student success (DC Conference Input) 511 IAC 7-40-3 Educational evaluations in general 511 IAC 7-40-4 Initial educational evaluations; public agency writte

Last Chance for input on proposed Article 7

The final meeting for the State Advisory Council regarding proposed language for Article 7 is this Friday, December 14. It will be held at the Carmel Clay Educational Service Center, 5201 East 131 Street Carmel, IN 46033, from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The agenda for this meeting is to finish voting on the proposed language for Article 7. Family Voices urges its members to give input on issues of interest including, but not limited to: early childhood/preschool hours and caseload age of transition discipline and manifestation determination board of special education appeals training for school personnel parental consent/change of placement This is your last chance at this point in the process to give public comment either by email or in person. If you plan to give public comment at this last meeting, please let us know. You can email the council at The next step will be public hearings and presentation of the proposed language to the State Board of Educatio