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Showing posts from December 30, 2007

Article 7 and position paper

The Indiana Special Education Advisory Council met December 14 to finalize their recommendations for Article 7 revisions. The SAC voted and finalized all recommendations, with the exception of those related to parental consent. The SAC will meet again on January 11th, in Carmel, to address consent. If you have strong feelings about the importance of Article 7 containing a provision for consent for changes other than change of placement, please consider attending this meeting and giving public comment. They did receive multiple emails on the topic, and that's why they did not reach a vote, but the minority was still the group listening to our concerns. When the final version of Article 7 is complete, Family Voices will be sharing a position paper representing families and children. This paper will be shared with the State Board of Education. Family Voices will also work to keep families informed about opportunities to share comments with the State Board of Education and at upco

Care Select Update

A representative of Family Voices has been working with the Office of Medicaid to share the unique needs of families with waivers. As a result, the state plans to institute an alternate plan. Once efforts to enroll a provider in Care Select have been exhausted, those affected families will be asked if they want to maintain their current primary care physician, even if that physician will not join Care Select as a PMP. In those cases, the Care Management component of Care Select will be orchestrated by OMPP behind the scenes for those families to ensure services are adequate. All of the final details are currently being worked out and the "enrollment date" for Care Select has been pushed back to February 1, 2008. If your child's primary physician has told you they will not enroll in Care Select and there is not an appropriate alternative in the program, please contact: Katie Holeman Shipp 317 234 3804 or Jill Claypool 317 234 5551 jill.clay