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DDRS will begin the implementation of OASIS for the DD, Autism and Support Services HCBS Waivers in July 2008, for those consumers that reside in District 4. DDRS has decided to continue to work with District 4 only, so that we can refine the process and develop the necessary policies and practices for the new model of resource allocation. All consumers on the DD and Autism Waivers (regardless of annual date) in District 4, will be given their annualized budget amounts in May 2008, by their case manager. This will provide the time for teams to meet and discuss how to best utilize the resource allocations given to each consumer, prior to their annual meetings. Consumers in District 4 will be contacted by their case manager with their allocation amounts and schedule a meeting to choose services. In District 4, an estimated 80 consumers will have annuals in the month of July 2008, with an expected increase of 80 annuals each month thereafter, through June 2009. All other consum

Final Stages of Article 7 Promulgation

Representatives of Family Voices attended the Article 7 public hearing in Indianapolis. The State Board of Education was in attendance and heard approximately 2 1/2 hours of public testimony. Family Voices thanks its membership for attending and speaking at the public hearings. The DOE is still gathering input on the revisions through the DOE website at: They will continue to accept input until May 23rd. It will then proceed as follows: June 4, 2008: The State Board of Education will vote to approve the proposed rules. June 5, 2008: If the State Board of Education approves the rules, the rules will be submitted to the Attorney General's Office. This office has 45 days to review the rule. July 21, 2008: If the Attorney General's Office approves the rules, the rules go to the Governor's Office. The Governor has 15 days to review the rule and can have a 15 day extension. August 21, 2008: If the Governor appro