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Showing posts from October 5, 2008

Increased accessibility on the Family Voices blog

Family Voices recognizes that many of our members have disabilities, or have family members with disabilities. In an effort to make our announcements more accessible, we have added a text to speech reader (listen button) to our blog at The Listen Button allows Family Voices to provide visitors with an easy and instant way to hear regular text articles. Located below the headline on the top of each article in the blog, the Listen Button when clicked will open a player which will read aloud the currently displayed article. The Listen Button expands the reach of our blog by allowing vision-impaired and language learners to easily access the site's content. You can access text to speech directly on our blog by clicking the "listen now" button at the beginning of each entry. You can also go to our Odiogo page and click Subscribe so you can listen to Family Voices content on the go on your iPod or MP3 player .