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OASIS update

We encourage families to talk with their case managers to address any questions/concerns they might have about how OASIS will impact them. From DDRS: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Question: When will OASIS start and when do the services standards and definitions apply? Answer: The launch date for OASIS (i.e. Uniform Rate Methodology) is January 1, 2009 and the effective date will vary for each consumer. From January 1, 2009 and forward, OASIS will be in effect for each consumer beginning with the implementation date of their annual plan review (refer to the OASIS Implementation Plan file attached). Question: When does a consumer who is currently on Annual Plan begin to use the new Service Definitions and Documentation Standards? Answer: This will vary for each consumer based upon the date of their annual plan renewal. A consumer will begin to use the new Services Definitions and Documentation Standards when they begin to use the uniform rate methodology. Please note that effective