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The state budget and programs for those with disabilities

FV Indiana is encouraged by the impact our members and others are having on systems that affect our children.  Many of you have given your input on the proposed eligibility  changes for the  Children's Special Health Care Program .  The following update is being distributed by the program:   Regarding the possibility of lowering the financial guidelines on July 1st, this statement was received from the CSHCS Director: "No decisions on  eligibility criteria  will be made until we receive the final budget." FV Indiana encourages each of you to continue sharing your perspective with your legislators.  Their budget decisions will be key to the future of this program.   Letters do make a  difference.  Your opinion, added to that of others, does count.  Legislators need to know what their constituents think about budget priorities under consideration.  Your voice does count.    Please continue to contact your legislators to share your perspective on budget priorities during th

Special Legislative Session

The Indiana General Assembly will return to the Statehouse this week to resume work on a new state budget.The special legislative session will begin June 11. FV Indiana encourages our members to contact your legislators to share your perspective on budget priorities during these difficult financial times. Some key points to consider sharing are: • Education is a priority for our families just as it is for all Hoosier families. Local schools will be, and are benefiting, from stimulus dollars to support IDEA (special education). We hope that the legislators will support efforts to ensure that those dollars benefit students with disabilities. • Stimulus dollars have also provided critical funding for Medicaid and we support Indiana’s efforts to maintain existing programs and make no cuts to Medicaid. • Proposed funding cuts to the Indiana State Department of Health could adversely impact Indiana’s Children’s Special Health Care program. We urge the legislat

Health Care Reform

FV Indiana knows that many of our members have a strong interest in health care reform. Please see the following opportunity to share your story and input: This week, President Obama’s weekly address highlights the urgent need for health reform this year. The President said: Simply put, the status quo is broken. We cannot continue this way. If we do nothing, everyone’s health care will be put in jeopardy. Within a decade, we’ll spend one dollar out of every five we earn on health care – and we’ll keep getting less for our money. That’s why fixing what’s wrong with our health care system is no longer a luxury we hope to achieve – it’s a necessity we cannot postpone any longer. You can watch the President’s full address by visiting After you watch the address, please visit and share your story about the health care status quo and why you support health reform. Sincerely, Jeanne Lambrew Director, HHS Office of Health Reform