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Friday's Child

If you have any difficulty viewing this email, please visit's%20Child.htm July 3, 2009 "Keep Your Dreams-You Can Make Dreams Come True" For Nannie Marie Sanchez- "Keep your dreams. Dreams make a difference. You can make dreams come true"- are words she lives by as she makes her mark in the world. Born with Down syndrome to a sixteen-year-old mother convinced by physicians that Nannie would never talk, walk, or to do much for herself, especially as an adult, her biological mother gave her up for adoption to a loving family who was willing to ensure Nannie's success in life. Nannie attended public school and higher educational systems "that both helped me succeed and threatened to kill my spirit." While most teachers sought to challenge her, others were less encouraging. "I've had teachers who have t

CSHCS and the State Budget

Family Voices visited the State House today to check on funding for CSHCS in the proposed budget. On page 69 of the budget, CSHCS is funded at $13,862,070. The legislature passed the budget this afternoon and avoided a state closure on non essential services. The impact of this funding level is still unclear but Family Voices will follow up with the IDSH on the approved funding levels and share details with you as we get more information on how this may impact CSHCS.