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Indiana's 2010 Legislative Session

Welcome to the 4th edition of FV Indiana's Guide to the Legislative Session. This year brings a "short session" with the session that began today, January 5, 2010 ending no later than March 14, 2010. The current recession will create significant stresses on resources and limit which issues are addressed during the session. This session provides many opportunities for Families to be involved, share your experience and build relationships with legislators that will impact current and future decisions. This guide is intended to be a reference issue; in it you will find information on how a bill becomes a law, definitions and translations of acronyms and information on the House and Senate leadership. We encourage you to contact your legislator, make the effort to introduce yourself , share your perspective and continue to build a relationship. Watch FV Indiana and other sources for action alerts as the session progresses. If you have information about the session to share