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First Steps Public Comments

FV Indiana encourages thoes making written comments to send a copy of the comments to U.S. Department of Education, OSERS Office of Special Education Programs, NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING AND COMMENT PERIOD INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES EDUCATION ACT, PART C OMB NO. 1820-0550 The State of Indiana is accepting public comment on proposed revisions to the Individuals with Disabilities Act, Part C Cost Participation Procedures, to allow the option to suspend services for families with a past due amount of 60 days or more. On January 20, 2010 at 10:00 A.M. and on February 15, 2010 at 3:00 P.M., public hearings will be held. Oral testimony will be limited to 10 minutes per person, to allow sufficient time for all interested parties to speak. If special accommodations are needed, please contact Cathy Robinson at: or (317) 233-6094. These hearings will be held at: Indiana Government Center South (IGCS) Auditorium 402 W. Washington St. Indianapolis,

Your Input is Needed

Sometimes as parents we might be happy with the technical medical care our child receives but be frustrated by the “missing pieces” or lack of connection/directions to the other resources we need to address our child’s special needs. Increasingly medical professionals recognize that for families whose children have special health care needs, developmental delays or disabilities, care can not just be about tests, procedures and prescriptions but instead must be “Family Centered”. A new graduate level certificate training program at the IUPUI School of Social Work seeks to train professionals such as social workers, nurses and others about family center care. As this project starts they would like the help of families to articulate what family members think would make their experience better. If you are willing to share a few sentences about your family’s experience you can help this effort. Please consider answering the following: I wish that when my child was hospitalized someon