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Medicaid waiver waiting list info

Family Voices knows thousands of families are waiting for a Medicaid waiver for their loved one. So, we are sharing this important information obtained from a family advocate with The Arc Network: From a letter from BDDS/DDRS: "In order to maintain your placement on this waiting list, you will need to follow the responsibilities below to maintain your placement on this list." They are: 1. notify BDDS of any change in address or other contact information 2. notify BDDS if you wish to withdraw from the list 3. notify BDDS in case of death of applicant 4. "You will contact the BDDS {location} on an annual basis to confirm that you are interested in remaining on the list and to confirm your current contact information." Furthermore... "The State of Indiana and its representatives will follow the responsibilities below for your waiver placement: 1. State will send a certified letter to your most current address on records to notify you when you have been


National Kids As self Advocates is pleased to announce four NEW Tip-sheets and one NEW article written BY youth with disabilities, FOR youth. Check out all of National KASA’s resources at: Tip-sheets: How to Work with Personal Care Assistants When a young disabled person turns 18 years old, legally, they become an adult. He/she wants to be independent, but may need help with dressing, feeding, bathroom, exercising, and so on. That is where Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) or Personal Assistants come in. PCAs are hired and supervised by the person with disabilities. This article offers tips about being a supervisor for PCAs as well as how to manage relationships with PCAs. Dancing Through Life Are interested in getting involved in dance or other physically integrated recreational activities? Check out one KASA member’s experience with dance and what it has meant to her.     How to Ride the Bus Using the bus can be one of the keys to your indep