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Showing posts from August 8, 2010

Medicaid in Schools Newsletter

FV Indiana shares the following information from the Indiana Department of Education: DOE is pleased to announce the inaugural issue of the “Medicaid in Schools Newsletter.” To access the first (Summer 2010) issue, please go to IDOE’s school-based Medicaid Web page [] and click on the link to the “Medicaid in Schools Newsletter” archive. On the archive page, click “SM2010-01 – Summer 2010” to open the pdf file and read all three pages of the first newsletter. Please send Tracy Brunner, , any comments or questions you have regarding the content of the Summer 2010 newsletter, including any suggestions you have for future newsletter topics. Thanks, Tracy Brunner School-based Medicaid Specialist Indiana Department of Education voice 317.232.6988 fax 317.232.0504

Notes from ICC meeting 8/11/2010

Family Voices shares the following notes taken by a FV member at the ICC meeting August 11, 2010. These are not official minutes, but rather the personal notes: ICC Notes 8/11/2010, 10a-3p; ProKids Office New members: Susie Lightle (new acting chairperson), Danny O’Neill (parent), and Robyn Nelson (parent) Schedule next year’s meetings: Possible dates: Nov. 10 (location TBA), Jan. 26, May 11, Aug. 10 Discussion A. Council Workgroups: Define groups and determine next steps. Review old workgroups and decide if they’re still needed 1. Advice and Assistance to lead agency (chair Paul Hyslop)—never met so not needed 2. Strategies to Promote parent knowledge, et al. (chairs Phyllis and Sarah) Extremely important (parent comment) but the chairs are not here, so defer to later meeting for decision rather than dissolving it. 3. Statewide Consistency with Best practices: Looks at service levels, still a need. This group should continue. Statewide Consistency (quality and assessment): More consis

The Early Intervention Family Alliance

FV Indiana wanted to share an opportunity for families to connect to a national network around the issues of Part C (which is known as First Steps in Indiana): The Early Intervention Family Alliance is a national group of family leaders dedicated to improving outcomes for infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families. The EIFA works to assure meaningful family involvement in the development of Part C policies and their implementation at community, state and federal levels. Membership is free to families currently receiving Part C early intervention. Other interested families can join at a rate of $25.00 a year.