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DDRS Update

FV Indiana encourages our members to read the April 8th, Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services Quarterly Update. You can find it posted on the DDRS website. Highlights of note include: DD Waiver Approved The Amendment of the DD Waiver was approved by CMS on March 7, 2011. Highlights of the DD Waiver Amendment include: Restructuring the various ratios found under Community and Facility Based Habilitation and Prevocational Services into small, medium and large group sizes. Modification of service descriptions to mirror the recently approved Support Services Waiver where indicated Restoration of previous limits under RHS so that parents; step-parents and legal guardians may deliver no more than a combined total of 40 hours per week in RHS services. Modification of Performance Measures to mirror those found in the recently approved Support Services Waiver Renewal. Removal of the 12-month time limit on prevocational services. Monitoring of these services will be provi