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Medicaid Waiver Rule Changes - Comments requested

Family Voices shares this informational alert from Fifth Freedom regarding proposed new rules for community based services. We encourage our members to take advantage of this opportunity to share your voice. REMINDER: New Medicaid rules about community-based services Comments requested! The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are proposing some new rules that may change how people receive community-based services. One proposed change would allow states to serve more than one group with a single Medicaid Waiver. Currently, states must design different Waivers for targeted groups, such as people with developmental disabilities and seniors. This would allow, for example, states to create a single Waiver program for individuals with developmental disabilities who live with senior caregivers who are also eligible for Medicaid. Another proposed change would give Medicaid Waiver recipients more control in planning their services. The proposed change would help ensure tha