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FV Indiana, Update from Washington DC

FV Indiana Member, Rylin Rodgers, together with her daughter Laura, had an unique opportunity to speak about the importance of Medicaid to their family and to many families who are raising children with special health care needs and disabilities this week. Together with Margaret Comeau (Catalyst Center), Brooke Lehmann (National Family Voices Policy Director) and Diane Malley and her family (The Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) of New Jersey) Rylin and Laura meet with by Kareem Dale (special assistant to the President on disability issues), Jon Carson (director of the office of public engagement) and Nancy Anne DeParle (deputy chief of staff to the President), along with members of Kareem's staff. Each family represented was asked to speak on the critical importance of Medicaid to families raising children who have special health care needs and disabilities; the input and experiences of so many FV Indiana members provided a powerful picture of the children and families


FV Indiana shares the article bellow from the National Family Voices Policy Team. FV Indiana had the opportunity to speak with administration about Medicaid today in DC. We will share more about that in another post. For the moment, we can not state strongly enough how critical it is you contact your Representative and both Senators and tell them how much Medicaid matters to your family. You can find their contact information online using the Senate Directory and the House Directory . All members can be reached by call the switch board, 202-224-312. Please share your family story with your relatives, friends, neighbors and others and have them call too (from any State!). Decisions about the debt ceiling may be made as soon as Sunday afternoon and our VOICES have to be heard now. Please know that your voices are needed to save Medicaid. by Brooke Lehmann and Janis Guerney (FV Policy Team) At this time, the focus of activity in Washington, DC, is the negotiations over the "debt

Introducing the new health information specialists for Family Voices

Family Voices Indiana is the local affiliate of National Family Voices . One of the founding purposes of Family Voices was to assist veteran parents to help other families raising their children with special health care needs. Experienced families listen and answer new families’ questions about a new diagnosis, help them find an accommodating dentist, or assist in negotiations with insurance companies. Family Voices helps other families improve, or learn more about: First Steps; Special Education; Medicaid; Medicaid Waivers; Respite; Vocational Rehabilitation; Community Accessibility; Health Care Funding; Health Care Services and many other things. As the new family to family health information center for the state, we continue that purpose by contracting family members with children with special health care needs as health information specialists to assist other families. We have recently contracted seven new family leaders to provide support and information. You will learn more