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Featured program for July newsletter: Medicaid

This month's Family Voices Indiana newsletter features the Medicaid program in Indiana. For children with special health care needs and/or disabilities, this program is often crucial. We have been sharing information about the federal debt ceiling discussions, and efforts to share with Congress the importance of this program. You can read more about this program by subscribing to our newsletter. Simply subscribe via Tiny Letter: If you need more information or resources regarding Medicaid or other health care financing options, please contact us at 317 944 8982 or email us via: This Sunny Start sheet gives you an overview of the program: FS Medicaid

Medicaid and its Role for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs

Being Matthew (age 14) and Laura’s (age 11) mom has been a remarkably life-expanding experience. One of the unexpected bonuses was a crash course followed by endless emergence learning about health care financing. When I was pregnant with Matthew, my husband and I felt well-prepared to meet the financial responsibilities of parenthood: we had college educations, owned a home, were blissfully without consumer debt and, via my husband’s job as a high school history teacher, had great private insurance. Six months later, as Matthew spent his first Christmas in our local children’s hospital, our world was very different. Our son’s complex medical needs (which we later learned were caused by a mitochondrial disorder) were not entirely covered by our health insurance, we had a staggering amount of medical debt, and even when our medical cost swallowed a huge portion of our income we did not qualify for the majority of safety net programs. For several years our young family struggled to meet