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Powerful Parents FAQ

Family Voices Indiana encourages its members to attend Powerful Parents meetings to obtain information about the developmental waiver system directly from DDRS. At those meetings, they generate a list of questions they need to research answers for. The embedded document is that FAQ. We wish to thank Jan Bullington for sharing the information with us and others. The following questions have been posed by parents during the Powerful Parents meetings that have occurred throughout the state this fall. All of the meetings have included information about the following:  Case Management  Housemates/OBA  Transportation  Recap of new DDRS Medicaid Waivers o Family Supports Waiver (FSW) o Community Integration and Habilitation (CIH) o Medicaid Waiver Wait List update If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. 317 944 8982 You can also email  BDDS Helpline 112748491 Questions Answers From Parents and Guard

Public Hearings: Indiana Council on Independent Living

Family Voices Indiana shares the following information from the Indiana Council on Independent Living..... To all interested parties and individuals: The Indiana Council on Independent Living is now developing the goals to be included in the 2013-2015 State Plan for Independent Living.  These goals are a critical part of the state plan, providing the direction for independent living in Indiana for the next three years.  A workgroup of Council members and staff from three Centers for Independent Living have drafted new goals for review and comment. The workgroup used the current State Plan, feedback from the September 2011 planning retreat, and ideas they generated in the process.  We are seeking input on these draft goals from all interested individuals and groups. Our intent is to define goals that will address a wide range of challenges to independent living for individuals with disabilities and their families.  We hope to develop clear, attainable goals for the State

ACA update: health care at the polls

By Emily McKinley, Health Information Specialist In a few days, the 2012 election season will be a thing of the past. Some will cheer, some will fret, and some will simply sigh relief that the barrage of political ads no longer dominate our television screens, roadsides, and, even, voicemails. That said, we encourage you to use your voice to vote for the candidates who will best serve your comprehensive needs. One of the hot topics this year has been health care reform. During his term, President Obama and our bipartisan Congress enacted the Affordable Care Act, which is arguably the largest attempt at health care reform in our nation’s history. The legislation is massive, both in page numbers and policies, and it is our nation’s attempt at ensuring health care for all Americans. Over the past year, Family Voices has endeavored to educate consumers about the provisions of the act and how the ACA was designed to work for you. Those posts and other commentary are availabl