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Choking Prevention info from DDRS

Family Voices Indiana shares this important information from the Bureau of Quality Improvement Services at DDRS: During the Thanksgiving holiday, there was at least one death related to choking while the  consumer was visiting in their relatives’ home.  In an effort to promote the health, safety and  well-being of all consumers during the holiday season, please take the time to reinforce the  importance of family members/friends being knowledgeable of and implementing risk plans,  especially in the area of choking prevention.  This is also applicable to assuring substitute staff  are knowledgeable of and can implement consumers’ dining plans.  It is best practice to ensure  that risk plans are consistently implemented in all settings.   Some guidelines:   Provide a written copy of the dining/choking prevention plan to any family  member(s)/friend(s) that the consumer will be visiting.   Review the plan with the family member(s)/friend(s) so that it is clearly