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Testimony on SB 551

Family Voices Indiana shared testimony today at the house reading of SB 551. If you have concerns about the impact of this legislation, be sure to contact your legislator. If you need support or guidance to do so, please feel free to contact us. Testimony to House Public Health Committee on Senate Bill 551 Rylin Rodgers Family Voices Indiana serves Indiana families who are raising children who have disabilities and special health care needs.  As our state’s federally funded Family to Family Health Information Center we help families navigate the world of Health Care Financing.  Today, I am here to speak about how Senate Bill 551 impacts the families we serve and will address, Medicaid Block Grants, Health Benefit Exchange Navigators, and Medicaid Expansion.  In our direct work with Hoosier families we see the complexity of health care financing and are well versed in the variety of intricacies of eligibility and access.  Given this, you might assume that we embrace the p

Action Alert: SB 551 Medicaid block grants

Family Voices Indiana shares the following information with its members and encourages you to contact your legislator. We will be providing testimony at tomorrow's hearing and your support would strengthen our position. From Cover Indiana: On Wednesday, the House Public Health Committee will take testimony and possibly vote on  Senate Bill 551 , which has already passed out of the Senate and is now pending in the House.  This bill would change the way the state gets its Medicaid funding (it would become a "block grant") and would set up a number of other conditions -- that might or might not be approved by the federal government -- before hundreds of thousands of hard-working, low-income individuals and families could gain access to health care coverage. Chair : Rep. Edward Clere  (h72) Vice Chair : Rep. Steven Davisson  (h73) Members :  Reps. Bacon  (h75) , Behning  (h91) , Crouch  (h78 ), Frizzell  (h93) , Lehe  (h25) , Turner  (h32) , Zent  (h51) , C. Br