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Showing posts from March 31, 2013

Disability Policy Seminar

Family Voices Indiana shares the following opportunity to share your voice: We know that not everyone can come to DC for the Disability Policy Seminar. But it’s just as important to visit your members of Congress at home in your states and districts. Your voice still needs to be heard! Help us amplify our advocacy across the country by participating in a day of district-level advocacy in your state on the same day your colleagues will be on the hill in DC. We’re asking you to meet with your Congressional district office staff on Wednesday, April 17th on the same day that Disability Policy Seminar advocates are heading to Capitol Hill. Click on the link to find Senate and Congressional district  office locations and contact information  and scroll down to “Congressional and Administration Directory”. Enter your zip code to find your members offices. Make sure to call and ask for an appointment, and tell the staff members what issues you want to talk about. Information for

Update on SB 551: Medicaid expansion and block grants

Family Voices Indiana was one of many individuals and agencies that provided testimony regarding SB 551. You can read that here:  http://www.fvindiana. testimony-on-sb-551.html Update: SB 551 passed out of committee 8-5, as amended.  Key changes: -              Establishment of ACA Study Committee -              Removal of block grant language -              Requires (v. authorizes) Administration to negotiate with feds regarding expansion -              Automatic termination of expansion if federal financial participation drops below ACA levels (i.e., 100% for first 3 years; 90% in 2020 and beyond) -              Requires inclusion of mental health and addiction services; chiropractic services -              Allows expansion through any health care or 3rd party serve model, including a premium support program like the Arkansas model It will now move to the full House. There is still time to contact your legislators about any concerns you may h

Resources for you

Each month, Family Voices Indiana provides the families we serve with a summary of our hottest Facebook posts. If you missed us on  Facebook , here is the latest! Awareness: March was Trisomy Awareness Month ( ), Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month ( Http:// ), and Disability Awareness Month. March 6, Spread the Word to End the Word. Learn why the R-word hurts so much by reading  this . March 10, Parents of Preemies Day  is a national day of awareness recognizing the courage and commitment it takes to stay strong and resilient when premature birth turns a family's world upside down. We know some of you are preemie parents. If you're not, you can get a glimpse into the life of a preemie parent here: March 21, World Down Syndrome Day celebrating the third copy of the 21 st  chromosome.  Learn more here: