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Indiana High School Diploma Survey

Family Voices Indiana shares the following opportunity to share your voice: As part of the Indiana Career Council, the Core 40 subcommittee was established in 2014 per IC 20-19-6-9 to examine the current Core 40 diploma offerings and make recommendations to the SBOE, which may include: Changing course requirements for the Core 40 diploma Changing the types of diplomas offered in Indiana Analysis of need in Indiana for a CTE diploma and/or CTE offerings Over the past several months, and through the chairmanship of both Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz and Commissioner of Higher Education Teresa Lubbers, a large committee made up of stakeholders representing business and industry, higher education, school administration, K-12 educators, special educators, and CTE directors has developed the following proposed draft of  diploma requirements to be implemented with the freshman class of 2018-2019. Please take a moment to review the drafts and then take the

Got Coverage? Next Steps in Using Your Health #Insurance (for consumers)

Tuesday, June 23,  4:00-5:00 pm ET Sponsored by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Many people now have health insurance but may not know how to use it. This webinar will discuss how to read your insurance card, how to find a doctor, what you need to know in making an appointment and what to do in case you have a health emergency. Key terms will be discussed as well as recommended health screenings. Highlights include the Coverage to Care materials on health insurance literacy during the webinar. Register  here .   If you need additional supports around using insurance, feel free to contact Family Voices Indiana at 317 944 8982 or