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Developmental Milestones

Children develop at their own pace, so it can be difficult to tell exactly when a child will learn a particular skill. But, there are age-specific developmental milestones used to measure a child’s social and emotional progress in the first few years of life. To learn more about developmental milestones, visit " Learn the Signs. Act Early ," a campaign designed by CDC and a coalition of partners to teach parents, health care professionals, and child care providers about early childhood development, including possible "red flags" for autism spectrum disorders. If you have concerns, here are some steps you can take: Talk to your doctor: Ask for a screening for an autism spectrum disorder. A screening usually means answering about 20 questions that the doctor or staff will ask about your child’s development. More complete diagnostic testing may be needed later. If your child is birth-3 years old, contact your local First Steps program by calling 317

All Kinds of #Medicaid Training: UPDATED

Did you know we have online trainings available  that you can view at your convenience? You can find them here: We periodically update our trainings to ensure the information is current. We recently updated our Medicaid training to reflect changes to the system. All Kinds of Medicaid Learn more detail about Indiana's Medicaid programs and related services and how they can apply to you.  To follow along with this training you will need to: View the online video>>   and Download the Webquest document>> The video is also embedded below. Feel free to contact us at 317 944 8982 or if you need additional information or assistance.