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10 things immigrant families need to know about ACA Marketplace coverage:

  To buy private health insurance through the Marketplace, you must be a U.S. citizen, a U.S. national, or be lawfully present in the United States . In addition, immigrants with certain other statuses are also eligible.   See a list of immigration statuses that qualify for Marketplace coverage .   If you recently gained U.S. citizenship or had a change in your immigration status that makes you newly eligible to enroll in coverage through the Marketplace, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.  See if you can enroll in a Marketplace health plan outside Open Enrollment .   Financial help is available.  If you’re a lawfully present immigrant and meet other eligibility criteria, you can buy private health insurance through the Marketplace, and may be eligible for  lower costs on monthly premiums  and  lower out-of-pocket costs  based on your income. More than  8 out of 10 people who have enrolled in a health insurance plan through the Marketplace have qualified for financia

Proposed Amendment to Aged and Disabled Waiver

On March 7, 2016, the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) Division of Aging (DA) intends to submit a proposed amendment to the Aged and Disabled (A&D) waiver to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for consideration. Click here for details.

Meet Your Legislator Events

Do you want to see Indiana lay the foundation for ABLE accounts?  Are you frustrated that you're having trouble actually getting waiver services? Consider attending one of these events to meet your legislator and educate them about the issues your family faces raising a child with a disability. Legislators often offer a preview, progress report or summary at "Third House" sessions or "meet your legislator" sessions .  Check the calendar for a date and location near you . Upcoming meet your legislator events are being held in the following communities: Carroll County -  2/6, 7:30am Columbus - 2/1,  2/8,  7:30am Goshen -  2/6, 8am Greater Lafayette -  1/30, 7:30am Greater LaPorte -  2/5, 7:30am Greensburg -  2/6, 8am Jeffersonville (One Southern) -  2/5, 8:30am Jennings County -  1/30, 10am Marion-Grant County -  1/30, 8:30am Martinsville -  2/6, 9am

Medicaid Appeals FAQ

Q What is an appeal? A An appeal is asking for a hearing because you do not agree with a decision the Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning (OMPP) has made regarding your eligibility or benefits. The information listed here is for members who are already on Medicaid. If you want to appeal a decision regarding your eligibility for Medicaid, you must follow the process for eligibility appeal that is listed on the notice you received from the Division of Family Resources (DFR). You can learn more about the appeal process  here . Q Is there a charge to file an appeal? A No. You do not have to pay to file an appeal. Q How do I appeal? A If you are enrolled in Hoosier Healthwise or the Healthy Indiana Plan, you must contact your health plan first. You are required to exhaust their grievance and appeals process prior to filing an appeal or grievance with the state. Your appeal must be in writing. In your letter, tell us why you think the decision is incorrect. Please make sure your name

Open Enrollment for ACA Ends Jan 31. Get Covered!

Family Supports Waiver and Children Under 6

Family Voices Indiana has been getting calls from families being told misinformation from BDDS offices in regards to children under 6. We sought clarification from BDDS, and this is their response. If your BDDS office gives you different information, feel free to contact us at 317 944 8982 from BDDS: The Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) would like to provide clarifying information about Family Supports Waiver (FSW) applicants under the age of six. Applicants under the age of six and their families may apply for services under the FSW at any time. There is currently no age restriction for services under the FSW, nor is there a restriction from receiving First Steps services while also receiving services under the FSW for eligible participants. If a child receives First Steps services, and his/her family is interested in applying for services under the FSW, the family can apply for services through their local district BDDS office. Applicants

Utility Assistance

Families served and/or eligible for First Steps services or families and individuals receiving or on a waiting list for Medicaid Waiver service, that  meet  certain requirements, may be eligible to receive assistance with utility costs.  The Utility Supports Program assists eligible families and individuals with utility costs, including payment for utility bills, funding to reactivate or prevent disconnection of services, deposit assistance to begin services and funding to cover back utility debt.  Additional requirements, referral information and the program application are available on The Arc of Indiana Utility Supports Program webpage. For questions or additional information regarding the Utility Support Program, please contact Gina DeWilde, Utility Support Program coordinator, at 1-800-573-9816 or 

ABLE Accounts and Special Needs Trusts Info

There is legislation being introduced this legislative session about establishing ABLE accounts in Indiana. Here is a chart comparing ABLE accounts to special needs trusts You can read more about your options regarding both types of financial planning here SB 11 – ABLE Act , introduced by Senator Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville).  Creates the “achieving a better life experience” (ABLE) authority.  Established the ABLE Board of the authority.  Requires the authority to establish a qualified ABLE program under which a person may make contributions for a taxable year for the benefit of an eligible individual with a disability to an ABLE account to meet the qualified disability expenses of the designated beneficiary in compliance with federal law.   The bill was heard in committee this week and passed out 12-0.  There will be an amendment presented next week which will allow for both a family member of someone with a disability as well as a person with a disability themselves to hold

Family Voices Indiana Can Help Connect Students to Community Services

The US Departments of Education and Health and Human Services sent a  letter to  governors, Chief State School Officers, state health officials, and state Medicaid directors , accessible at ,  recognizing the role that healthcare coverage and health services play in ensuring all students are ready and able to learn and recommending action steps to better coordinate educational and health services for all students and their families.  And, the agencies released a new  toolkit  that details five high-impact opportunities for states and school districts to support stronger communities through collaboration in the education and health sectors.  You can get the toolkit at . Family Voices Indiana is the family to family health information center for Indiana. We support families raising children with special health care needs and disabilities.  You can refer families to