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A Valentine's Gift that Touches the Hearts of Families

Want to give a gift that keeps giving this Valentine's Day? Consider a donation to Family Voices Indiana. Family Voices Indiana Did you know… ♥ 1 in 5 children are children with special health care needs? ♥ Family leaders at Family Voices are family members themselves? ♥ Family Voices provides free resources and support to families who need it? Your gift can help…… $10 ♥ a phone card for our family leaders to provide 1:1 support $25 ♥ a one hour health care financing training for families $50 ♥ a two hour health care financing training for families $75 ♥ brochures for 350  families $100 ♥ an exhibit table at a disability fair for community outreach Please help make a difference and DONATE today!  We’re also grateful to accept donations of services, volunteer hours, or other support…

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Premium Credits, Proof of Insurance, and Taxes

Many people are now preparing their tax returns and may be confused about how to reconcile or claim their premium tax credits.   This page from  will help consumers figure out how do so.   Also check out a new blog post (in  English  or  Spanish ) from Marketplace CEO Kevin Counihan, which addresses what people with different health coverage situations need to know as they prepare for the tax season.   Click here  to view the  IRS Q&A  that offers more about new tax forms related to the health care law, including when consumers will receive these forms, how they should use them, and who will provide them.   More detail.  Consumers who received advanced premium tax credits (APTCs), will get a  Form 1095-A  from the Marketplace. (CMS recently updated its translation of the  Spanish Form 1095-A and instructions  for using the form.) Consumers must use this form to complete  Form 8962  when they file their taxes. These forms allow consumers to reconcile the

Survey for Parents of Adult Children with ASD

I am conducting a research project on caregiver burden in parents of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who are transitioning out of high school. The purpose of the study is to examine possible risk and protective factors impacting caregiver burden in parents of children with ASD, specifically during the period when the child is transitioning out of high school.  Parents who have a child with ASD that either will graduate  within two years  or has graduated from high school within the past two years are eligible for the study . In the study, parents will be asked to complete a survey packet consisting of 13 short questionnaires, which will take them approximately 40 minutes, with a $5 e-gift card compensation.  Caregivers could either complete the survey packet online through this link SE/?SID=SV_d4kTu43lZ0cjGfP Or request a hard copy from me. Feel free to let me know if you need more information. Thank you very much for yo

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