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Medicaid Enrollment is Year Round

Even when ACA open enrollment ends, that Medicaid enrollment continues all year round. To help you with the ongoing Medicaid enrollment, check out all our resources related to Medicaid enrollment and eligibility. These fact sheets are as follows: Fact Sheet #8: Medically Frail Status As an Exemption to Receiving Medicaid Alternative Benefit Plan with Essential Health Benefits Fact Sheet #9: Streamlined Marketplace Application Process   Fact Sheet #12: Process for Medicaid Eligibility   Fact Sheet #14: Information for People on Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Waiting Lists   Fact Sheet #15: Medicaid Buy-In Are you looking for local partners to help with outreach to the disability community? The NDNRC is funding eighteen Community Outreach Collaboratives (COCs) for the third year of our project. This includes the eleven that were funded last year, plus seven new locations in six new states. The COCs increase collaborations in the community, dissemination and

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Legislative Update

from The Arc of Indiana: SB 11 – ABLE ACT PASSED OUT OF HOUSE WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE SB 11 – ABLE Act , introduced by Senator Luke Kenley (R-Noblesville).  Creates the “achieving a better life experience” (ABLE) authority.  Established the ABLE Board of the authority.  Requires the authority to establish a qualified ABLE program under which a person may make contributions for a taxable year for the benefit of an eligible individual with a disability to an ABLE account to meet the qualified disability expenses of the designated beneficiary in compliance with federal law.   The makeup of the ABLE Board which will develop the policies of the authority and the accounts has the following makeup:  4 ex officio members including the treasurer of state, the secretary of family and social services, the budget director and the lieutenant governor.  In addition, there are 5 members appointed by the Governor who are: (1) one member who has significant experience in actuarial analysis, acc

Special Enrollment Periods for the ACA

 From CMS: Special enrollment periods (SEPs) are an important way to make sure that people who lose health insurance during the year or who experience major life changes like getting married or having a child have the opportunity to enroll in coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplaces outside of the annual Open Enrollment period. SEPs are a longstanding feature of employer insurance, and without them many people would lack options to maintain continuous coverage. But it’s equally important to avoid SEPs being misused or abused. At CMS, we are always monitoring the health and operations of the Marketplace and looking for ways to improve. We are focused on continually maintaining and refining a set of Marketplace rules that create a healthy, stable and balanced risk pool. Concerns have been recently raised about whether current Marketplace rules and procedures are sufficient to ensure that only those who are eligible enroll through SEPs. In response to that feedback, tod

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Register to Vote!

The deadline to register to vote in the primary election is Monday, April 4. If you are already registered to vote, you need to re-register if you have moved to a new district or changed your name. You can register online at  .   The primary election will be on Tuesday, May 3. If you are unsure where to go, you can find your polling place by visiting  . You can also call the Hoosier Voter Hotline at 1-866-IN-Vote  (866-461-8683 ). Be sure to check today so you are ready for Election Day!   You can also use the above phone number to report accessibility issues with your polling place. All polling places in Indiana should be physically accessible to people with disabilities, and have at least one accessible voting machine on site. However, if you do encounter issues with accessibility, you can call that number to report the issue.   You need a photo ID to vote. An Indiana driver's license, an Indiana photo I

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