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We're HIRING in Indianapolis, Lafayette and South Bend!

Family Voices Indiana Seeking Family Leaders to serve as Health Information Specialists in  Central Indiana (Indy and surrounding counties), Lafayette area, South Bend area If you are a parent of a child with a disability, Family Voices of Indiana wants and needs YOU!  Indiana’s Family to Family Health Information Center: Addresses the health care financing information needs of Indiana’s families raising children with special health care needs and disabilities ages 0-21 Connects families to existing resources, direct support and advocacy Supports and expands the Family Leadership Network statewide Now accepting applications from Family Leaders to support this project as contractors working up to 40 hours a month from your community  Applications Due by March 18 Email for an Application Requirements:  Parent/caregiver of a child with special health care needs  Knowledge of services and systems in Indiana  Abilit

ABA to be Covered under Federal Employee Health Benefits in 2017

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) –  OPM (U.S. Office of Personnel Management) has encouraged FEHB ( Federal Employees Health Benefits) Program plans to offer ABA benefits for children with autism spectrum disorders since 2013.  We have also emphasized the growing number of providers and research linking behavioral interventions with positive outcomes. We are pleased that in the past several years, the provision of ABA within FEHBhas expanded significantly, particularly among carriers with state and local service areas. OPM has now determined that appropriate coverage of ABA treatment by all plans/options is necessary for the efficient and effective operation of FEHB’s individual choice insurance model.  Therefore, for the 2017 plan year, carriers may no longer exclude ABA for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). We expect all carriers to offer clinically appropriate and medically necessary treatment for children diagnosed with ASD. You may provide coverage for ABA a

Understanding your Coverage Options in Indiana

Having a child with special health care needs or a disability means your child is often eligible for secondary health insurance coverage. Watch our Funding Maze video to learn more about Medicaid, Medicaid Waivers, and Children's Special Health Care Services. You can find more information about each program in our fact sheet series: