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Developing an Individualized Health Plan

Ensuring your child’s health and safety is of utmost importance for parents. If your child has a medical condition, developing an Individualized Healthcare Plan (IHP) with the school could be as important and necessary as the goals in the IEP. The way the IHP looks may vary from school system to school system, but the information they contain should be the same. The IHP should identify all health concerns and needs, determine when and what medications the child may receive while at school, what to do in case of a medical emergency, and create solutions to possible problems. These can and should be developed for a variety of conditions such as diabetes, seizures, severe allergies, and asthma. Other possible concerns that can be added are toileting needs, special feeding instructions, and training for staff. It may be necessary to work with your doctor, as well as the school staff, to create a complete and effective IHP. It is helpful for parents to think about the things

Planning for a Meeting about Your Child's Behavior at School

Planning for a Meeting about Your Child's Behavior Needs.  |  Also in Spanish! When a child's behavior causes concern at school, parents may find themselves among competing approaches to handling behavior. Planning ahead for an individualized meeting about their child's behavior needs will help parents explain their own ideas about the best way to help their child in addition to listening to the ideas of others. English version from PACER Center in Minnesota. Spanish version from Parents Resource Network in Texas.