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Resources for Addressing Challenging Behaviors

As information consumers surfing the internet, we often find ourselves inundated with programs and treatments that claim to be effective, even when there is no scientific evidence behind the claims. Evidence-based practices (EBPs) on the other hand, are interventions that have been shown to be effective based on the scientific literature. So far, the  National Professional Development Center (NPDC)  has identified  27 EBPs  for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This month, OAR highlights four resources that can assist parents, educators, and professionals in implementing some of those EBPs in order to address challenging behaviors.   FUNCTIONAL BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT: IDENTIFYING THE REASONS FOR PROBLEM BEHAVIOR AND DEVELOPING A BEHAVIOR PLAN Created for educators, this two-hour  module  “explores the basic principles of behavior and the importance of discovering the reasons that students engage in problem behavior.” Functional behavioral assessments (FBAs) can be used for variou

Action Alert: Continue to Advocate for Healthcare

We're not out of the woods yet on Healthcare Please continue visiting, calling, tweeting, and emailing your Senators! from AAPD: July 20, 2017 Thank you so much for all of your advocacy over the past few weeks to to protest the American Health Care Act and Better Care Reconciliation Act – together we sent the message loud and clear that we will not sit idly by as our healthcare and services are stripped away. Your advocacy made a difference! Unfortunately, the Senate is still not listening. The effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and harm Medicaid is back again with two new versions. The Senate’s “Better Care Reconciliation Act” (BCRA) and a new bill, the “ Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act ” (ORRA), are being readied for a vote next week. It is unclear which bill the Senate will move on at this point, but we expect a “motion to proceed” sometime next week — likely  Tuesday  or  Wednesday . These bills are harmful to people with disabilities fo

For Parents: Preparing for the School Year

Contributed by:  Dr. Cathy Pratt, BCBA-D Director, Indiana Resource Center for Autism Anticipating the beginning of the school year can create anxiety for both family members and for their sons/daughters on the autism spectrum. Concerns surround whether your son/daughter will be successful in school, and if the new staff will have a solid understanding of autism spectrum disorders and of your son/daughter. At times, you may know staff and have a good working relationship with them. At other times, staff is unknown and expectations for your son/daughter are unclear. Below are a few tips to help you become a proactive and positive advocate for your son/daughter. Many teachers may not have previous experience with students on the autism spectrum or may only have had experience with students quite different from your son/daughter. The IRCA website at pages/irca  has several articles that can help educators better understand ASD, including learning

Update on Health Care Legislation

The last 24 hours have been incredibly eventful.   To recap, now that Senators Lee (UT) and Moran (KS) have come out against the bill, Senate Majority Leader McConnell does not have the 50 votes to begin debating the BCRA or to pass it.  Last night, Senator McConnell announced that he would instead try to move a bill that would repeal the ACA (but delay implementation for 2 years).  Like the BCRA, he would use the budget reconciliation process (at least for the ACA provisions that have revenue implications) and therefore he only needs 50 votes. The House and Senate passed a “repeal and delay” bill in 2015 and it was vetoed by President Obama.  The prior repeal-only bill that passed included complete elimination of the Medicaid Expansion and repeal of the enhanced match for Community First Choice. It also resulted in 19 million losing Medicaid coverage (32 million total more uninsured). We also saw this morning that the House is beginning its FY2018 budget process and that "en