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Showing posts from August 6, 2017

ABLE Act webinars

The ABLE National Resource Center (ANRC) has declared August as #ABLEtoSave month. During this month, the center will be raising awareness and providing resources relating to ABLE programs. Additionally, they are hosting a series of webinars: Week 1 (July 30 - August 5): Basic Overview of ABLE Week 2 ( August 6 -12 ): Eligibility Wednesday August 9 , from  2:00 - 3:00 EDT Week 3 ( August 13 - 19 ): Qualified Disability Expenses Week 4 ( August 20 - 26 ): Financial Literacy Week 5 ( August 27 - September 2 ): Enrollment

Congress is on Recess: Visit Your Legislators

from National Family Voices: It's congressional recess (through  Sept. 4 ) … a great time to visit your Members of Congress and/or attend public events where you might be able to talk to them.  Personal visits can be extremely effective, and it’s possible you can even get a meeting with the Senator or Representative him/herself, rather than just a staffer (although staffers are important too).  At this point it is important to contact both Senators and Representatives because ACA-repeal legislation and proposed cuts to Medicaid can re-emerge in either chamber.  Medicaid cuts in particular may arise in the context of a budget resolution, tax reform bills, and/or CHIP reauthorization.  Although Republicans who have  not  supported Medicaid or the ACA should be the first priority, it’s also a good idea to contact Democrats and others who have been supportive – first to thank them (especially Senators Collins, Murkowski and McCain), and second to make sure they have the informatio