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Presentation: Facilitating a Pathway to a ‘Good Life’ for Hoosiers with Disabilities

As we move into a new year, the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) is pleased to share an abbreviated recording of the training presented to waiver case managers in the fall 2017. The presentation titled “Facilitating a Pathway to a ‘Good Life’ for Hoosiers with Disabilities” is on the BDDS Person Centered Planning Throughout the LifeCourse and is  available by clicking here . This training was the result of significant input and recommendations from the Case Management Innovation Workgroup (comprised of case managers, family members, providers and self-advocates), convened in 2016 and ongoing into 2018. The workgroup was tasked to bring forth necessary changes and enhancements to the delivery of case management services, creating a case management approach that encourages flexibility, individualized planning and identification of supports. One of the significant changes is the implementation of a new individualized planning process – the Person Centered Indi

How to Find Affordable Health Care

Many kids in the United States aren't covered by health insurance, or are covered by plans with high deductibles and limited benefits. If your kids are among them because you can't afford adequate coverage or your employer-sponsored plan doesn't cover everything, don't despair. Programs are available that provide affordable — even free — medical care and are designed to meet or supplement a person's medical insurance needs. Your kids could be eligible for coverage right now and you might not know it. Here are some options that may be available to your family. Enroll Your Child in a Public Program Two public programs work together in every state to provide health coverage for children in low- and middle-income families: Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP). Medicaid  is run by states with a mix of state and federal funding. It offers health coverage for those with limited incomes, including children and parents, pregnant women, tho

Guide to the 2018 Legislative Session

Welcome to  FV Indiana's Guide to the Legislative Session . This year brings a "short session" that will begin on January 3, 2018, and is expected to last through March 14, 2018. This session will provide many opportunities for families to be involved, share your experience, and build relationships with legislators that will impact current and future decisions. This guide is intended to be a reference issue; in it you will find information on how a bill becomes a law, definitions and translations of acronyms and information on the House and Senate leadership. We encourage you to contact your legislators, make the effort to introduce yourself, share your perspective, and continue to build a relationship.  Watch FV Indiana and other sources for action alerts as the session progresses.  If you have information about the session to share please call us at 844 F2F INFO or email Bills for 2018 Session:

My 2018 To Do List

by Rylin Rodgers: For me, 2017 was an overwhelming marathon of organizing, educating and activating, all in the service of trying to save access to health care for millions. Much has been said of the wins and of the losses. But today is for looking forward. What can we do -- and should we do -- in 2018? Where will we be needed and how can we each make a difference? For me, the list is long but clear. Here are some top priorities: 1.       Connecting People to Care: A shortened ACA enrollment, new waivers granted to states around their Medicaid programs, failures to fund community health programs and commit to a long-term solution for CHIP all mean that more members of our community will struggle to access coverage and care. The good news is that for many there will be solutions: ·          Health law partnerships  are standing ready to navigate work requirements for Medicaid ·         Change of Status enrollment for  ACA plans  may be possible ·          Community and Rural