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Legislative Update

From IAUW: Follow along during the 2018 legislative session The 2018 session of the  Indiana General Assembly  (IGA) began on January 3 and will end no later than  March 14 .  This is a "short session" where lawmakers will discuss a range of issues that likely have minimal fiscal impact because it is not a budget-making year.   Now that we have heard more from caucus leadership and the Governor on their plans for 2018, you can expect key issues this session to revolve around workforce development, education and the opioid epidemic.   View Indiana United Ways' 2018 Policy Priorities .     Below are some helpful links that will help you follow along during the legislative session. IGA Bill List House Committee Calendar Senate Committee Calendar Indiana United Ways' Bill Tracking Lists:   Education ,  Financial Stability ,  Health ,  Tax Issues ,  Charitable Sector ,  IUW Tracked Bills Check out our Third House / Meet Your Legislator event c

Talking to Your Child's Doctor

Your child's doctor can be an incredible resource when you have questions and concerns about your child's health, but finding time for regular checkups and sick visits may be a stretch for your already jam-packed schedule. The doctor may be overbooked and overscheduled, too, so making the most of your time together is important. What are the best ways to communicate your concerns and questions? And how can you strengthen your relationship with the doctor who plays such an important role in your child's health? The Doctor-Patient Relationship Today, doctors are pressured to see more patients in less time and to spend less time with each patient. Insurance issues, such as the need for referrals, complicate patient care for parents as well as doctors and their offices. The increasing complexities of the health care system mean that parents have to play a more active role in their kids' care. In the past, parents may have known far less about their kids' health

Legislative Update

from Ntl Family Voices: Government Funding, CHIP, and "DREAMers" In short :  After a three-day partial shut-down, funding to maintain federal government activities has been provided through  February 8  under  H.R. 195  (for procedural reasons, actually titled  The Federal Register Printing Savings Act of 2017 ).  In addition, CHIP funding was extended for six years (through 2023), with some changes in the future federal matching rate.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has agreed to bring up legislation to address the future of immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally as children ("DREAMers") on or before  February 8 .   Government funding .  Since the beginning of the fiscal year on  October 1 , federal agencies and operations have been funded through a series of "continuing resolutions" (CRs). The most recent one expired at the end of Friday, January 19.  On January 18 the House passed another CR lasting through  February 16 . That bill