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A New “Public Charge” Rule Affecting Immigrants Has Major Implications for Medicaid

October 16, 2018     Sara Rosenbaum Last week the Trump administration published its long-anticipated proposed  “public charge” rule , which carries enormous implications for Medicaid and immigrants enrolled in the program. A public charge is an individual considered dependent on the government for subsistence. The proposal would radically expand the extent to which public benefits received by legal immigrants who are not yet citizens are used as evidence of public charge status. This status plays a role in determining admission into the United States, and adjusting legal residency to permanent “green card status.” Current policy  states that medical assistance counts as evidence of public charge only when it is used to pay for long-term institutional care. The rule, now in a 60-day comment period, would sweep away this approach. Enrollment for more than 12 months over a three-year period in virtually any forms of Medicaid  could be used as evidence in a public charge

Need Help Navigating Your Medicare Options?

The State Health Insurance Assistance Program is here to help . Indianapolis – The State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) is a free and impartial counseling program for people with Medicare. SHIP is provided by the Indiana Department of Insurance and Administration on Community Living. SHIP is part of a federal network of State Health Insurance Assistance Programs located in every state. All of SHIP’s services are offered at no charge to consumers. SHIP is not affiliated with any insurance company or agency and does not sell insurance. SHIP is staffed by a crew of volunteer counselors who have completed intensive training to offer Medicare beneficiaries objective assistance in complete confidence. With more than 100 SHIP sites throughout the state of Indiana, a SHIP counselor is never far away from those who need assistance. SHIP offers numerous events and presentations throughout the state of Indiana to assist Medicare beneficiaries. During open enrollment, some o

RingCentral Phone and/or Fax Service

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