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6 Ways to Deal With Your Child’s Aggressive Behavior

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably dealt with your fair share of  tantrums, meltdowns and freak-outs . Emotional regulation is a skill we all have to learn, and some kids take longer to master self-control than others. But how do you know when your child’s aggressive or violent behavior is not just part of their learning curve, but is getting out of hand? And what can you do to help?   Do most kids act out like this? It’s all about knowing what’s developmentally appropriate. “We generally  expect toddlers  to experience some aggressive behaviors,” says pediatric psychologist  Emily Mudd, PhD . “At this stage, kids tend to resort to physical expressions of their frustration, simply because they don’t yet have the language skills to express themselves. For example, pushing a peer on the playground could be considered typical. We wouldn’t necessarily call that aggression unless it was part of a pattern.” How do you recognize true aggression? By the time a child is o

Lawmakers Revive Plan To Curb Restraint, Seclusion In Schools

by Michelle Diament  | November 15, 2018 Legislation establishing first-ever federal oversight of restraint and seclusion in the nation’s schools is back on the table. Democrats in Congress introduced a bill known as the Keeping All Students Safe Act this week. The measure would bar seclusion at any school receiving federal tax dollars and significantly limit the use of restraint to situations where the safety of students and teachers is at risk. “It’s barbaric for schools to confine students alone in locked rooms, or to use abusive methods to restrain little children. Treating school kids this way should not be tolerated in America. Period,” said U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., a sponsor of the legislation. “Our bill would establish strong federal standards to keep students safe, while giving school staff alternatives to respond to challenging situations in the right way.” The move comes little more than a week after Democrats secured control of the House of Representatives

Join the call-in Day for Money Follows the Person on Thursday!

from Center for Public Representation: Facebook event As the holidays approach, urge Congress to pass the  EMPOWER Care Act to reauthorize the  Money Follows the Person (MFP) Program !  States are running out of money – and we are running out of time to get MFP funding during this Congress. MFP helps people with disabilities and older adults who want to move out of nursing homes or other institutions get back into their communities. MFP has assisted more than 88,000 individuals voluntarily move into a setting of their choice. MFP has improved the lives of older adults and people with disabilities, saved states money, and led to better outcomes. That’s why nearly every state has participated in the program!  But MFP expired September 30, 2016, and states are running out of funding. People with disabilities deserve the right to live in the community, rather than spending their lives segregated into institutions.   URGE CONGRESS TO SUPPORT COMMUNITY LIVING AND FUND MFP!    Call yo

2018 Election Update

from The Arc of Indiana: 2018 Election Update Whose Leading Indiana After all the campaigning, the 2018 elections are now over, and new leaders, as well as incumbents, will be leading Indiana. Here is an overview of the 2018 election results. U.S. Senate Republican Mike Braun beat out incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly with a margin of 52-44. This leaves Republicans in control of the U.S. Senate. Indiana’s Senate Delegation Todd Young and Mike Braun U.S. Congress Not too much change up happened in Indiana’s Congressional races as Representatives Visclosky and Carson are the only Democrats representing Indiana in Washington, D.C. However, two rookies have joined their Republican colleagues to represent the Hoosier state in our nation’s capital - Jim Baird and Greg Pence. A blue splash was made in Congress as the Democrats have now taken control of the U.S. House of Representatives, winning the majority in the lower chamber. Indiana’s Congressional Delegation: District 1- Peter Visclos