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Navigating Your Way: Ages 14-21 #Transition

ADDITIONAL MATERIALS Resources 14-21  (PDF) Video Transcript for Ages 14-21  (Word) High School Transition Toolkit This four-page High School Transition Toolkit provides: A Star Form to help identify supports to reach a student’s transition goals. Tips for transition planning and goal setting. Transition timeline of things to do from age 14-21. Transition checklist of skills, activities, and services when creating your child’s high school transition plan for his/her IEP. Ways to gain job skills during high school. Resources for post-secondary education. Available in English and Spanish. Print and electronic format.  Click here  to order or download your copy. originally posted here:

Child Development – A Complex Problem: Early Developmental Delays Presenting as Autism Spectrum Disorder

By: Bill Beechler, MD, FAAP Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics Department of Pediatrics, Division of Child Development Note: The child referenced in this story is fictional and was created from an amalgam of many patients seen through years of developmental evaluation experience. The fictional child was created in an effort to share a somewhat common case that presents in the clinic, while still protecting patient privacy. “Her doctor and her preschool teacher brought up autism.”  Leah was three years old and her mother was trying not to appear anxious. They had been referred to the Riley Child Development Center by their pediatrician after she had noticed several concerning developmental red flags. While Leah’s motor milestones were happening at the expected times, her communication was markedly delayed. Over the past four months, Leah had started using four or five signs for expressions such as “thank you”, “please”, and “more”. I asked what behaviors, specifically,

Public Comment: Employability Skills Standards

Senate Enrolled Act 297 states that not later than July 1, 2019, each school within a school corporation shall include interdisciplinary employability skills standards established by IDOE, in conjunction with the Department of Workforce Development, and approved by the State Board of Education, in the school's curriculum. The Employability Skills Standards are available for public comment  here . Questions? Please contact  Ben Carter .