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Understanding a Functional Behavior Assessment

BY  PENNY WILLIAMS ,  NATALIE ENGLER Share Article Menu Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) School expectations include a lot more than just good grades. Behavior at school is a fundamental component of “academic success.” A Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is used to determine why a student has particular unwanted or inappropriate behaviors — understanding the triggers and reasons behind behaviors is an essential first step toward changing those behaviors. When to Request Is your child struggling to follow the school’s behavior guidelines? Is he getting in trouble frequently at school? Are the school’s tactics used to address problem behaviors ineffective? Is your child experiencing a lot of school-related stress? If so, it’s time to request a Functional Behavior Assessment. How to Request Here’s a sample letter you can use as a template when writing your own letter to request a FBA. [Date] Dear [name of Special Education Director]: My child, [full n