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Don't Let the #Transition Plan Fail Your Child

  Don't Let the Transition Plan Fail your Child Take a look at your child's IEP and transition plan. Be sure you are clear of what the goal of her IEP is, as it is written. Are her transition goals appropriate? Has the school failed to provide what is required in the IEP? Even if the IEP does not require more than has been provided, maybe it should. from Wrightslaw


INTERIM STUDY COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC HEALTH, BEHAVIORAL HEALTH, AND HUMAN SERVICES  THE COMMITTEE IS CHARGED WITH STUDYING THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: (A)Factors contributing to the growth of health care costs, including the following: (i) The current trends in health care delivery and Indiana's progress in implementing new approaches, including value-based medicine and other alternative payment models. (ii) Access to health care in rural areas. (iii) The impact of Indiana's poor health status, the social determinates of health, and the rate of the uninsured on health care costs.(Source: Letter from Rep. Kirchhofer; Rep. Carbaugh; Rep. Shackleford; Rep.Austin; Sen. Ruckelshaus; Sen.Bassler; and Sen. Spartz.) (B)Prescription drug pricing and access, including the following: (i) The process in which a prescription drug moves through the supply chain to the consumer, including the role of pharmaceutical manufacturers,wholesale distributors, pharmacies, specialty p

Interim Study Committe on Fiscal Policy

THE COMMITTEE IS CHARGED WITH STUDYING THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: (A)Issues related to Medicaid including the following: (i) Health care expenditures by major categories for the most recent five(5) years for which information is available. (ii) Key cost drivers and trends. (iii) Pilot opportunities for a value based health care system to reduce health care costs and enhance price transparency and outcomes, including for long-term care. The Committee may request that the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services in collaboration with the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute provide to the Committee either the submission of an executive summary in electronic format under IC 5-14-6 or testimony, or both, on the current health payment system and the legal system as each relate to the provision of mental health and addiction treatment services to individuals against whom criminal charges are filed or who are incarcerated. (Source: Letter from Rep. Kirchhofer; Rep. Carbaugh; Rep

AWS Foundation Supports Family Voices Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – AWS Foundation of Fort Wayne, Ind., awarded Family Voices Indiana (FV Indiana) $30,000 in grant funding to serve families with children who have special health care needs and/or disabilities and the professionals who serve them in the northeast region of the state. “Family Voices Indiana is honored to be chosen by AWS Foundation as a 2019 grant recipient,” said Holly Wheeler, executive director of FV Indiana. “Many families in northeastern Indiana aren’t accessing all the services and supports their children need because either they don’t know what’s available or don’t know where to start. These funds will allow us to serve more families and professionals, ultimately helping more children lead healthier, happier lives.” FV Indiana will use grant funds in multiple ways, including increased staffing for the 11 counties AWS serves and enhanced community outreach to the region’s diverse communities. About Family Voices Indiana The mission of Family Voices Indi

Supported Decision Making Website

Supported decision-making (SDM) is an alternative to guardianship that allows an individual to make decisions about his or her own life with a team of chosen supporters. SDM enhances people's lives and maximizes their independence. After months of work and support from our participants and partners, we are excited to announce that Center for Public Representation's re-designed  Supported Decision-Making Website  is live.  We hope the site will help you learn about SDM, understand how SDM transforms lives, and inspire you to become a participant, supporter, or advocate. You can start on the  homepage  or jump to some of our favorite pages.  Getting Started Guide : Already know SDM is right for you and looking for some help getting started? This guide will walk you through the basics of writing a SDM agreement and practicing supported decision-making in your daily life. SDM Adopter Stories : Hear from SDM adopters about how their lives were transf

ACA Texas Vs Azar

A federal appeals court will  hear oral arguments today in Texas v. Azar , the lawsuit in which the Trump Administration and 20 Republican attorneys general are  asking the courts to invalidate the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA). If the courts ultimately adopt the Administration’s position,  20 million people  would lose health coverage, and  millions more would pay more for coverage or care . The  Administration’s health care proposals  would have much the same consequences. Medicare beneficiaries, providers, and plans would face  severe harm  if the ACA is struck down. The  ACA affected many aspects of Medicare , and invalidating the entire law would call all of them into question. In addition to  eliminating the ACA’s Medicaid expansion to low-income adults , striking down the ACA would put  other Medicaid initiatives  at risk and  create massive disruption  for state Medicaid programs, even in non-expansion states. Read:   Trump’s Health Care Plan Would D

IDOE Review Process for Students with No Mode of Communication

New! Three-Year Review Process for Students with No Mode of Communication IDOE developed a systematic review for students identified as having No Mode of Communication during the 2016-2017 school year. This three-year review process is outlined  here . Year three concludes with the 2019 administration of I AM. Corporations should expect communication from IDOE regarding the findings of this review in late July 2019. Please contact  Stephanie Thompson  with any questions about this process.

Tell Your Members of Congress to Support Competitive Integrated Employment!

#WorkWithUs by joining the July 9th national call-in  day to support the Transformation to Competitive Employment Act Tell your members of Congress to support competitive integrated employment and end the payment of subminimum wages to people with disabilities by supporting the  Transformation to Competitive Employment Act  (TCEA).  The TCEA ( H.R. 873  in the House and  S. 260  in the Senate) is a bi-partisan bill that will expand opportunities for competitive integrated employment – community jobs where people with disabilities work alongside co-workers without disabilities and are paid the same wages – and phase out the outdated and discriminatory payment of subminimum wages to people with disabilities currently allowed under Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The TCEA will address barriers to employment for people with disabilities by providing $300 million in capacity-building grants and technical assistance to expand opportunities for competitive integ