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U.S. Access Board Releases Voluntary Guidelines for Onboard Wheelchairs for Public Comment

The U.S. Access Board has released for public comment  advisory guidelines  for wheelchairs used on commercial passenger aircraft during flight. These onboard wheelchairs are provided by air carriers as a means of facilitating the transfer of passengers with disabilities to aircraft lavatories since personal wheelchairs cannot be used in the cabin. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has expressed its intention to supplement its regulations under the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) to include performance standards for onboard wheelchairs on covered aircraft. The Board is developing these non-binding guidelines as technical assistance to air carriers and manufacturers of onboard wheelchairs by providing an example of how to meet DOT's planned performance standards. The guidelines specify dimensions, features, and capabilities for onboard wheelchairs that will allow passengers with disabilities to be more safely and comfortably transported aboard airplanes in flight. In addit

ACL Releases New Issue Brief on Assistive Technology

ACL has released a new  Issue Brief on Assistive Technology . Assistive technology (AT) includes software, devices, equipment and products that improve the functioning of individuals of all ages with disabilities. Assistive technology can affect a person’s well-being by improving their ability to walk, eat, bathe, communicate, see, speak and live independently. Technologies also can help address social isolation and improve quality of life by assisting people with communication, mobility, and other daily activities. This issue brief discusses: 1) the important role of assistive technology in helping people of all ages with disabilities live full and independent lives in their communities; and 2) certain sources of public funding for the technology, including Medicare, Medicaid, and programs that the Administration for Community Living (ACL) manages.   View the Assistive Technology Issue Brief

How to Choose the Right Job for Your Teen’s Strengths

Back to Navigation By  Victoria Scanlan Stefanakos At a Glance Vocational testing can help identify a teen’s skills, strengths and weaknesses. Your teen’s passions and interests can help guide his work choices. It’s important to understand the tasks and the work situations that will help your teen thrive. Finding work that empowers your teen after high school is important. But the right vocation is never “one size fits all.” Your teen’s particular learning and attention issues may make some jobs a better fit than others. Here are some things for you and your teen to think about as you   look for jobs   that play to his strengths. If your teen has an   Individualized Education Program   (IEP), it should include a   transition plan . One purpose of this plan is to help your teen clarify his strengths, challenges and interests and think about how those will apply to work. Your teen will want to explore the topics below with his IEP team. Try vocational

Family Survey for Children 0-5

Indiana has an exciting opportunity to develop a strategic plan about education and services for kids ages 0 through 5. Your input will help us understand your family’s needs for early education and care and other services in your community.  Please complete only one questionnaire per family by August 31. The web questionnaire is available at:  https://www.surveymonkey. com/r/B5family

“Being You”: Explore Your Child’s Future as a Young Adult

What You’ll Learn Watch the Trailer for “Being You” Download the “Being You” Discussion Guide Meet the Road-Trippers Explore Your Child’s Future Path Resources for Educators Resources for Young Adults Help Others by Sharing Your Road By  The Understood Team Have you thought about what your child will be doing five, 10 or 15 years from now as a young adult? Imagining your child’s future can create feelings of uncertainty. But it can also raise some amazing possibilities! We’ve seen so many people with learning and attention issues make their mark on the world.  Some famous examples  come to mind, like entrepreneur Richard Branson and director Steven Spielberg. And there are many more great career and life paths that aren’t as known. Now, we’re partnering with Roadtrip Nation, an organization dedicated to helping people find career and life fulfillment, to help you and your child explore these paths. Together we created  Being You , a documentary that follows thre

Webinars: Career and Technical Education

from Indiana Secondary Transition Resource Center This week we’re sharing an opportunity for free professional development through a five-part webinar series. These 90-minute webinars explore partnerships and programs for career technical education as well as best practices for developers.  Webinar 1.  CTE for Students with Disabilities: A Framework for Understanding  Thursday, August 29, 2019 3–4:30 pm EST                   Webinar 2.  Effective Partnerships: Communication, Collaboration and Professional Practice  Thursday, September 19, 2019 3–4:30 pm EST           Webinar 3.  Classroom Supports: Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction  Wednesday, October 16, 2019 3–4:30 pm EST              Webinar 4.  Classroom Management: Behavioral Supports, Motivation, Reflective Teaching  Thursday, November 21, 2019 3–4:30 pm EST              Webinar 5.  Toward Best Practices: Programs that Work, Models Toward Success  Thursday, December 19, 2019 3–4:30 pm EST              T

August Means Advocacy!

from the Arc of the United States: Are you prepared to advocate for disability rights with your elected officials while they’re home? This month, Members of Congress have left Washington, DC and are back home in their states and districts.  It’s not too late to connect with them! This is one of the best opportunities of the year to engage with them and educate them about the issues that matter to people with disabilities! Our free toolkit has several sample materials to help you in your advocacy this month. This year’s toolkit includes: Suggested town hall questions Sample letter to the editor Links to action alerts Printable sign template Download your free toolkit today !