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Showing posts from February 23, 2020

Social Security Administration to remove English communication disability benefit rule

New rule effective April 27 An informational alert prepared by Fifth Freedom Information courtesy of the Social Security Administration   The Social Security Administration is working to modernize the rules and standards used to evaluate how disability benefits are determined. As part of this effort, the Administration will no longer be using the inability to communicate in English as a factor in awarding disability benefits.   The change eliminates the education category “inability to communicate in English” from disability claims evaluations for adults under titles II and XVI of the Social Security Act. The new rule is effective on April 27, 2020.   The update is part of the Administration’s efforts to stay in line with the current state of medicine and the continuing evolution of the modern workplace. According to a statement by Social Security Administration Commissioner Andrew Saul, “Research now shows the inability to communicate in

Public Charge Rule Went Into Effect February 24; Legal Challenges Still Pending

On January 27, the Supreme Court lifted a nationwide-ban (except in Illinois) on enforcement of the “public charge” rule, pending further appeals. The administration then decided that it would begin to enforce the rule on February 24. On February 21, the Supreme Court ruled that the rule could be applied in Illinois. Therefore, as of Monday, the rule is being applied all over the country, even though it is still being challenged in court. The “public charge” rule from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) changes the way that decisions are made about whether to issue a “green card” to an immigrant already residing in the US, or to issue a visa to someone who wants to enter the country, extend their stay, or change their visa type. The determination about whether someone is likely to become a “public charge” (that is, dependent on government services) will be based on a number of factors, including income, health status, and the use of public benefits after February 24,

Virtual listening session - BDDS Waiver Redesign Initial Concept Paper

Last month, the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services released its Waiver Redesign Initial Concept Paper. Since that time, BDDS has provided a wide variety of opportunities to learn more and share feedback. As part of this effort, BDDS will host a virtual listening session on the Waiver Redesign Initial Concept Paper. The session will include a brief overview of the concept paper with ample time for attendees to share ideas, suggestions and ask questions. To participate in the Virtual Listening Session on Thursday, February 27, 2020, at 6 p.m. EST , please log onto URL: https://Indiana.AdobeConnect. com/indiana . Participants will sign in as a guest using their name. Audio will be voice over internet, so participants will need to use speakers or headphones to hear the presentation. Do not log into the webinar using Citrix or Virtual Private Network. These services will not be able to playback audio. Prior to the webinar , please check your organization’s connec

Shine Light on Depression

Shine Light on Depression is a school-based, community health initiative between American School Health Association, Anthem, Inc., Erika’s Lighthouse, JetBlue Airways Corporation, and the National PTA. These organizations are collaborating to tackle the issue of teen depression and suicide in youth nationwide. The e-toolkit connects school communities with free, ready-to-use resources and tools designed to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention among middle and high school youth and families. The toolkit includes: classroom programs, family workshops, student clubs and a community connector to local resources. Shine Light on Depression Online Toolkit Originally published by Covering Kids & Families of Indiana