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DDRS Connections

The Division of Disability & Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) is pleased to provide a new communication tool that will help connect you to our latest news and information— DDRS Connections. We have a lot of exciting news to share and throughout the coming year DDRS Connections will tell you about important event dates, new initiatives, success stories from our many programs and services, and more. The mission of DDRS is to seek out partnerships which enhance the quality of life for Hoosiers with disabilities and rehabilitative needs. The goal of DDRS Connections is to partner with you to announce the most up-to-date information and advance our mission. We encourage you to provide feedback and ideas about the types of articles you would like to see in future issues of DDRS Connections . You may email success stories, suggestions for improvements or items you would like to know more about to our communications staff at . Welcome to the inaugura

2008 Legislative session

Welcome to the 2nd edition of FV Indiana's Guide to the Legislative Session. This guide is intended to be a reference issue; in it you will find information on the budget process, how a bill becomes a law, definitions and translations of acronyms and information on the House and Senate leadership. If you are in a district with a new legislator, make the effort to introduce yourself and share your perspective. If your legislator is returning continue to build your relationship. Watch FV Indiana and other sources for action alerts as the session progresses. If you have information about the session to share please contact How A Bill Becomes Law Legislation 101 Any legislator in either chamber (House or Senate) can initiate a bill on any matter. The Indiana Constitution provides that all appropriations and revenue-raising bills MUST originate in the House. To introduce a bill, a member files it with the Clerk. The bill is first read to the chamber, a