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Understanding OASIS

The OASIS Initiative It is important for families receiving DD, Autism and Support Services Medicaid waivers to become familiar with OASIS since statewide implementation will begin July 1, 2008. What is it? The Objective Assessment System for Individual Supports The Objective Assessment is the Inventory for Client and Agency Planning (ICAP) The System for Individual Supports is a resource allocation model and individual budget planning tool The initiative is currently being piloted in BDDS district 4: Benton, Carroll, Clay, Clinton, Fountain, Monroe, Montgomery, Owen, Parke, Putnam, Sullivan, Tippecanoe, Vermillion, Vigo, Warren, and White Counties. It will go statewide on July 1, 2008, based on an individual's Plan of Care (POC) annual date. It will affect an individual's yearly budget: some will increase, others will decrease. In order to facilitate the change and ensure adequate coverage, there will be a "phase in" period for individuals based on the per

Care Select

Families throughout the state should be receiving information letters about Care Select in the upcoming days. Please read the information carefully. All affected individuals will need to call the enrollment broker (1-866-963-7383). · You should ask if your preferred primary care physician is enrolled with Care Select. · If they are, you will need to simply select that provider. (this is true even if you have private insurance) · If they are not you can share who that physician is and ask that MD Wise and Advantage try to enroll that doctor. (also true for everyone with and without private insurance) Calling soon will allow time for Advantage and/or MD Wise to try to enroll your current doctor. If your doctor chooses not to enroll you may need to select a new doctor, (calling early will give you time to research who will be a good fit for you). · Individuals who have private insurance in addition to Medicaid may be able to ke

Update on Incontinence supplies

Family Voices has been made aware that some families have been having continued problems with the new incontinence supply plan for Medicaid. Apparently, a business owner has filed a lawsuit because the contract was unduly prejudicial against small companies, and created an injunction. There will be a suspension of the plan until the lawsuit is settled. In the meantime, families should be able to continue to get their supplies from their current carrier as long as they are a Medicaid provider and have the required prescription. Families are encouraged to explore their options. Make a list of current supplies with as much info as possible and contact the contracted vendors to see if they carry the needed supplies. You might ask them to send you samples if you need to switch brands to see what you think before you have to make a choice. Binson's 1-888-217-9610 Healthcare Products Delivery, Inc. (HPD) (Indiana Company) 1-800-291-8011 http://www.diaperkingc