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New Changes to Article 7

FV Indiana knows that many of our members were very involved in the recent Article 7 revision process. One of the key issues that many of spoke on was the BSEA. Please note the current revision of the sections that address this issue: To: Members of the Indiana State Board of Education From: Robert A. Marra Assistant Superintendent for Student Learning Date: February 25, 2009 Re: Special education rule promulgation The Department proposes to revise two rules in 511IAC 7 (“Article 7”), and with this memorandum requests Board approval to initiate the rulemaking process. The nature of the proposed revisions and the rationale for the changes are as follows: 1. Amend applicable sections of 511 IAC 7-45 to change due process hearings from a local school corporation conducted hearing to a state conducted hearing and eliminate the state review of locally conducted hearings. Rationale: The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires states to provide a special education due p