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Indiana State Consolidated Plan of Action for 2009 Public Forums 4/24

Housing that is available and accessible to persons with disabilities is a cornerstone of America's disability policy -- from the Fair Housing Act to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Federal regulations and state initiatives have enabled people with disabilities to have access to public housing and greater opportunities to live in the home of their choice. Public housing was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Public housing comes in all sizes and types, from scattered single family houses to high rise apartments for elderly families.  Families that have a person with disabilities and are income eligible may also participate in all aspects of the housing choice voucher program (e.g., tenant-based vouchers, project-based vouchers, and homeownership vouchers.) In order to maintain these programs and to ensure people with disabilities (often with very low incomes) can live in the comm

OASIS suspension update

F ollowing is the latest update from The Arc of Indiana on OASIS.  Please feel free to forward this information. For a printable/PDF copy of this update, please visit our web site at  and click on "OASIS," or click on the this direct link to the pdf:  FSSA Continues OASIS Review April 23, 2009 FSSA Continues OASIS Review The rollout of OASIS remains suspended while FSSA continues to closely review Medicaid waiver budget allocations of people who submitted an OASIS Review Request.    These reviews are assisting FSSA in identifying problems with the assessment tool and the financial modeling used to determine the allocation under OASIS.    The following information applies to recipients of the Developmental Disabilities and Autism Medicaid waivers whose budgets were scheduled for renewal in April, May and June of this year.    What Does “Suspension of the OASIS Rollout” Really Mean? What has been suspended is the   further   rollout of allocations for Medi