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Input sought regarding eligibility modernization

Family Voices recognizes that many of its members have personal experience interacting with Indiana’s welfare (which includes Medicaid) determination system. FSSA has released the following press release: The Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA) is accepting suggestions for the hybrid system being designed to deliver welfare services. FSSA encourages anyone who has worked with the old, caseworker system or the newer, modernized system to provide accounts of the experience and any recommendations that may have resulted. Suggestions may be sent via email ( ) or by mail to: ATTN: Hybrid Input Family and Social Services Administration 402 W. Washington Street, MS 25 Indianapolis, IN 46204 “Suggestions from advocates, caseworkers, and especially clients will be the key to developing a hybrid system that works,” said FSSA Secretary Anne Murphy. “While we have learned many lessons from the flawed concepts of the modernized system, input from Hoosiers who

Indiana State Department of Health Priorities

Please help the Maternal and Child Health and Children's Special Health Care Services at the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) determine what should be our highest priorities for the next several years by completing the attached survey. It consists of a list of topics which you’ll divide into different groups based on the instructions below. If you’ve already completed this survey once, please do not complete it a second time. Thank you very much for your time. First, look at the list of topics. Each topic is a problem. You’ll notice some are more general than others. Also there is space at the bottom of the list for you to add anything you feel is important that isn’t listed. Now pick the 3 topics you think should be the Maternal and Child Health and Children’s Special Health Care Services’ first problems to work on. Put the number 1 in the space to the left of each of those topics. Now pick 3 more out of the remaining topics, but this time put the number 2

Care Select Update

A representative of Family Voices attended the Care Select advisory council Tuesday. You may remember that when Care Select was rolled out approximately a year ago, there were some concerns voiced by families with children with a Medicaid waiver because many families have those children on their private insurance as well. There was often a conflict between meeting the in-network requirements for a doctor for private insurance versus trying to choose a PMP (Primary Medical Provider) in the Care Select care management organization (CMO). Family Voices worked on a sub committee to try to work out a plan for these families and individuals. These members were not auto-enrolled in Care Select when the rest of the 70,000 members chose PMP's. However, Indiana’s Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning is revisiting those cases at the present time. It is their hope to enroll everyone, including this group, in Care Select with a PMP, and either Advantage or MdWise as the care management org