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teacher trainings and licensing -update

Family Voices Indiana wishes to update our members about the process to change the teacher trainings and licensing process in Indiana. Many of you gave input either in writing or at public hearings. It is important to note that there has been some impact based on the input the Department of Education received. The following update is excerpted from one provided by the Indiana Association of Colleges of Teacher Education: First, I will share the next steps of the Board. It will review all of the recommended changes to REPA, discuss them and approve the changes for inclusion in a new draft of REPA. It is important to note that voting approval of the changes DOES NOT mean that the changes are permanent; it only means that the Department of Education has permission to change the draft with the approved language changes. Once all the recommendations have been discussed and approved for inclusion in a new draft, the new REPA draft will be prepared and voted on at subsequent meeting