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NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING AND COMMENT PERIOD INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES EDUCATION ACT, PART C OMB NO. 1820-0550 The State of Indiana is accepting public comment on proposed revisions to the Individuals with Disabilities Act, Part C Cost Participation Procedures, to allow the option to suspend services for families with a past due amount of 60 days or more. Notice is hereby given that, on January 20, 2010, a public hearing will be held. Oral testimony will begin at 10:00am, and will be limited to 10 minutes per person, to allow sufficient time for all interested parties to speak. Please bring a written copy of comments. If an accommodation is required to allow an individual with a disability to participate in this hearing, please contact Cathy Robinson at (317) 233-6094 in advance if possible. The hearing will be held at: Indiana Government Center South (IGCS) Auditorium 402 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204 Proposed revisions are on file with the Bureau of Child Development Se