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Article 7 Public Comment

Family Voices Indiana shares the following opportunity for input as presented by Alexandra Curlin: This is a GREAT time for special education! Indiana has a “two-tiered” system for special education. That means before going to federal court to prove their cases, cases must be appealed to Indiana’s Board of Special Education Appeals (BSEA). The BSEA is inefficient, costly and unfair. The cases are most routinely rubber stamped in support of the hearing officer below, oftentimes with no real analysis by the members of the board. There are many who feel that the only time a case is reversed at the BSEA level is when the parent has won below. The BSEA is inconsistent and their decisions hold no precedential value. However, parties are required to make a pass through before going to federal court- which is the entity that is really equipped to handle the case and dole out appropriate remedies. After a HUGE battle, there is finally legislation that will abolish the BSEA. Below, you will fi

Caregiver Support Services

TO: Consumers receiving Caregiver Support services, families, providers, and other stakeholders who support individuals with disabilities in Indiana FROM: Peter Bisbecos, DDRS Director RE: Caregiver Support Services DATE: February 15, 2010 The priority of the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS), a program of the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS), is to support the health and welfare of individuals with disabilities in Indiana. In July 2007, BDDS introduced Caregiver Support services, a program funded by 100% state dollars. This service is designed to provide temporary relief to caregivers of individuals with developmental disabilities, who are not receiving any other services. Since its inception, we have been able to provide support to over 800 individuals with Caregiver Supports, however, due to an overwhelming response we are very close to reaching our state’s annual budget capacity for this service. To ensure we do not exceed the state’s bud

Changes in Phone Numbers at Riley Hospital

Many of our members have connections to professionals at Riley Hospital. In this interest of ensuring your ability to communicate we share the following: Effective Feb. 19, phone numbers at Riley will change. If the number starts with 274 it will change from 274-XXXX to 944-XXXX. The hospital's main number will be 944-5000. If the number starts with 278 it will change from 278-XXXX to 948-XXXX. The hospital's main number will be 944-5000.