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Family Voices Indiana is hiring family leaders

Family Voices Indiana Seeking Family Leaders to serve as Family Leadership Specialists If you are a parent of a child with a disability, with knowledge of health care financing and services and systems in Indiana, Family Voices of Indiana wants and needs YOU! The Family Leadership Project will fill the information needs of families while developing family leaders to provide a strong family voice. Leadership specialists will be supporting family leaders as partners in all levels of these systems to allow families to better navigate and even influence the process. Now accepting applications from Family Leaders to support this project as contractors working up to 32 hours a month from your community please apply by November 4th Responsibilities: •Provide information, assistance and support around leadership development, system management and family/professional partnerships to families raising children with special health care needs and/or disabilities •Contribute to the FV Indiana el

Mark Your Calendars: National Mobilization for Women, Children and Families on Oct. 26

Family Voices Indiana wants to alert its members to important advocacy that needs to take place Oct 26. ... In the next few weeks, Congress will be making budget decisions that will affect funding for critical public health efforts for years to come. These decisions could threaten the very existence of some public health programs, and those serving women, children and families are highly vulnerable. The Association of Maternal & Child Health Programs, the National WIC Association, and the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association invite you to join us in an unprecedented National Mobilization for Women, Children and Families on October 26. Our goal is to flood Capitol Hill with a unified message opposing MCH and women’s health program cuts. We will be sharing this simple message: we oppose any efforts cut core programs for women, children and families, including Title V, WIC and Title X . Title V remains the only Federal program that focuses solely o

Exciting News: Family Leadership at FV Indiana and our NEW website!

Family Voices Indiana is excited to announce that the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), Maternal and Child Health funding of our Family Leadership Project will support leadership development, family engagement and partnership throughout Indiana. Families at all stages of the journey of raising children with disabilities and special health care needs encounter a complex maze of systems of services as they seek care and support for their children. These systems are changing rapidly, with new policies and programs, new procedures for enrollment and re-determination, changes in eligibility requirements, program coverage and much more. Developing and supporting family leaders as partners in all levels of these systems allows families to better navigate and even influence the process. FV Indiana, in partnership with the ISDH, believes families have much to offer in strengthening these systems as they bring valuable insights that can only come from families who actually access

Survey on Rehabilitative and Habilitative Services

Access to assistive devices, technologies, and related services is critical for individuals with disabilities and chronic conditions of all ages. For both children and adults with disabilities, assistive devices and technologies can lead to greater health, participation, independence, productivity, and integration in the home, in the classroom, in the workplace and in the community. Family Voices Indiana often hears from families who are struggling to get therapies and equipment covered by private health insurance. We are sharing this survey with you so you can provide feedback to the ITEM Coalition. The ITEM Coalition is devoted to raising awareness and building support for policies that will enhance access to assistive devices, technologies and related services for people with disabilities and chronic conditions. The Coalition is consumer-led and has over seventy member organizations—including a diverse set of disability organizations, aging organizations, other consumer groups, l