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ACA Update: US Supreme Court Ruling

By Emily McKinley, Health Information Specialist As most of our followers know, the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was argued in the  US Supreme Court in March. On Thursday, June 28, the much anticipated ruling was announced, and  simply put, the justices largely upheld the Act, which was signed into law in 2010. In March, the Supreme Court heard four oral arguments regarding the act. Those arguments focused on whether the individual mandate requiring all Americans to enroll in a health insurance plan was constitutional; whether the mandate was even arguable at present or whether it fell under the Anti- Injunction Act, which states that a tax cannot be challenged until it has been levied; if the individual mandate was severable from the remainder of the act if found unconstitutional; and, finally, whether the proposed Medicaid expansion and implications for federal funds is legal. The Court’s ruling found that the individual mandate is constitutional, nu

Parking info for Riley Simon Family Tower and ER

Family Voices Indiana shares the following changes to parking at Riley Hospital Simon Family Tower. Some of these changes are a result of family input in design of the new facility. Please take advantage of sharing your voice as you are able to do so. It CAN make a difference. Simon Family Tower Parking (beginning July 17) The new Simon Family Tower (SFT) parking garage will provide parking for immediate family members of inpatients and outpatients making access to  our facilities much easier on our families as well as reduce the financial burden currently associated with parking.   Inpatient: Each family (parent or guardian) will be issued 2 passes  for use only in SFT parking garage.  The passes will be free of charge and allow family members entrance  to and exit from the garage for the  duration of the pass. Families who cannot produce the pass upon exiting the garage will incur premium charges of up to $20.00. Lost  or stolen passes will not be re-issued.