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DDRS Quarterly Report

 Family Voices Indiana shares the following quarterly report from DDRS (embedded below). Some of the highlights include: Webinar: Autism and Developmental Disabilities waivers combine The Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Service (DDRS) with the Autism Society of Indiana and Indiana Resource Center for Autism hosted a webinar on May 30, 2012, to discuss the combining of the Autism and Developmental Disability Medicaid Waivers. The webinar has been posted to the DDRS website on the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities Services (BDDS) webpage. Questions posed during the webinar have also been posted with answers from DDRS, the Autism Society of Indiana and the Indiana Resource Center for Autism. Waiver Amendments  The amendment for the Community Integration and Habilitation Waiver (formerly the DD Waiver) has been  posted the to the DDRS Draft Policy webpage.  The expected effective date is September 1, 2012, pending  CMS approval.  The Family Supports Waiver, l

HOPE (Hispanic Organization of Parents with Exceptional Children)

Family Voices Indiana shares this information about a support group for Latino families in Northwest Indiana. Our health information specialist, Ofelia Jimenez, can be contacted if you would like additional information:  Ofelia is bilingual and we are including her translation of the article, in Spanish. by Ofelia Jimenez, health information specialist/bilingual specialist, Family Voices Indiana HOPE, Hispanic Organization of Parents with Exceptional Children, is a non-profit family support organization for families who have children with exceptional needs or disabilities. The intent of the group is to assist families to obtain information regarding disabilities, laws related to educational rights for their children, and provide support to parents as well as social opportunities for their children. Our group was founded by Sonia Reeves, Maria Maldonado, Nellie Feliciano and me, Ofelia Jimenez. We now have grown to over 100 families participating in o