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Caregiver support/respite info for those waiting for Family Supports Waiver

Family Voices Indiana received several inquires regarding caregiver support/respite and sought clarification from DDRS. Family Voices Indiana shares the following information from DDRS: Each year the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services (DDRS) has made limited   program funding available for Caregiver Support Services, which many families and individuals   across Indiana have been able to utilize. These funds are typically available in July of each year,   however, DDRS has received valuable suggestions from the families using this service and we   want to ensure that we explore those ideas thoroughly. One of the concerns presented by   several families is the burden imposed when asking families to come into the local offices and   wait for several minutes or hours to process your application. DDRS will be taking some time to thoughtfully evaluate the application process and how best to   serve our constituents. While some of you may be disappointed that app

Health Finance Commission Mtg 6.25 notes

Family Voices Indiana shares these notes from the recent Health Finance Commission meeting. The next meeting dates are as follows:  July 22, 2013,   August 21,2013, September 16,2013, and October 22,2013. All of the meetings will take  place at the Statehouse beginning at 10:00 a.m.  HFC Exhibits by Family Voices Indiana

ACA Update Insurance 101: A Review of Insurance Terms and Policy

By Emily McKinley, Health Information Specialist As the October 1 opening of the Insurance Marketplace draws nearer, Family Voices Indiana wishes to empower our followers to be informed consumers. Because so many of the individuals and families we serve will soon find themselves shopping for the best insurance coverage for their family, we hope to not only educate our readers about the Marketplace, but also about general insurance terms and policy. Here’s a quick review: Grandfathered Plans: Grandfathered plans are those that were in existence and have remained largely the same since before the ACA legislation was signed (March 23, 2010). Individuals who purchased insurance after the ACA became law may have a grandfathered plan. The grandfathering status is dependent upon the date the plan was created, not the date of purchase. Grandfathered plans must identify their grandfathered status in benefits and other materials sent to those insured by their plan. Grandfathered pl