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Preparing for an #Emergency for Children with Special Healthcare Needs or #Disabilities #family2family

By Kerry Bonney, Health Information Specialist  This is a good time of year for you to review your family’s emergency preparedness plan. When an emergency situation occurs, we have to possibly be self-sufficient and perhaps spend several days without utilities, medical aid or communications. As a parent caring for a child with special needs, you have extra things to think about. Jan Labas, an American Red Cross volunteer, states that “the most important rule is to have a plan.” To begin formulating a plan, ask yourself the following: 1. Will I leave my home? You may choose to stay at home, if possible, without water, phone, and/or electricity. Think about what your family would need to be self-sufficient and safe. Water, food, and food preparation, warmth, and medical supplies would need consideration. 2. If I must leave or choose to leave, where will I go and how will I get there? Wheelchairs, beds, and other medical equipment may require electricity or special acco

Auto-enrollment process for current #ACA Marketplace consumers

Family Voices will share more information as the ACA enrollment period approaches, but here is an announcement regarding auto-enrollment. Consumers are advised to check any new plans that become available to ensure they have the best coverage for their family. CMS finalizes auto-enrollment process for current Marketplace consumers The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized a policy today that provides current Health Insurance Marketplace consumers with a simple way to keep their current health insurance plan, while encouraging them to return to the Marketplace to ensure they are getting the best deal on their premiums and to shop for the plan that best fits their needs. These policies build on our efforts to enhance the consumer experience and make shopping for health care coverage as simple as possible. “We are committed to providing a simple, familiar process for consumers to renew their coverage next year,” said CMS Administrator Marilyn Tavenner.  “Con